Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eating Our Way Through Chinatown

Ping's Seafood, 22 Mott Street, NYC

 Today was one of my most favorite days as a Foodie.
My Dad, stepmom Monica & I explored a part of the city that is one of my favorites for culture and authenticity:  Chinatown NYC.  

And of course, the only true way to start out a day
 in Chinatown is by having proper Dim Sum.

First we started out at one of my all time favorites, Ping's Seafood on Mott Street.
Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by large tanks full of live lobster, crabs, name it.  Thankfully, we arrived there early enough...because the waiting line was almost out the door!

Live Crab OR lunch... you decide!

And then came the carts with the steaming hot, melt-in-your-mouth dim sum.
My #1 choice always seems to be the Shrimp Shumai dumpling.  
So soft and delicious, like biting into a piece of Chinese heaven.

Shrimp shumai dumplings
Pork Shumai dumplings of perfection
Crispy Fried Lo Mein with Tangy peanut sauce
Chinese Broccoli with Garlic
As the Dim Sum carts rolled by, I was finding it almost impossible to resist the urge to try all of the delicious plates.  Salt & Pepper Crispy Prawns (devoured), Shrimp & Chive pan fried dumplings were delish, all accompanied by a pot of subtly fragrant Jasmine tea

Me, totally in my element, with my little friend..the Shrimp Shumai.

And then we were onto our next stop, Fong Inn Too.
I had read about this little hole in the wall on Yelp.  
When I realized it had tons of reviews, almost all with 5 stars, I knew something was up.
Passing by (and very hard to find), this place looked scary from the outside.  
But inside was a delicious treat called "Tofu Fa" that was all the rage, if you're Chinese.

Fong Inn Too, 46 Mott Street, NYC

Tofu Fa =  sweet, hot Silky Beancurd Tofu with a yummy syrup on the side.
To experience something truly different, I knew I had to try.  
And amazingly for only $1 a serving!  Chinatown at it's best.   
Side note: eat it there while still hot and smooth upon serving.  DO NOT try to take-out.
Fong Inn Too - Tofu Pudding delicacy
Next stop in C-town was completely unplanned 
(I have to give credit to my Dad for this one!).

He spotted this crazy Chinese supermarket, New York Mart

 (almost the equivalent of the American "Fairway") 
with live fish tanks all along the outside facade.  
Upon entering, there were boxes being unloaded labeled "live shrimp". 
I knew this was gonna be good.

Inside was unimaginable and virtually impossible that you could still be in NY at this point.
The Duck Counter.   New York Mart, 128 Mott Street, NYC

The aisles were ENDLESS with every possible variety of fish
(freshly caught...literally still swimming alive in the tanks below). 
The Fish Counter.  Average price per pound: $1.99!

Fish as fresh as it can get!

And a few other things that completely blew me away!  Had to photograph!

Live turtles!!  Turtle soup anyone?

Live Frogs?!  Speechless. (Ribbit)

And our last stop on our exploring mission was a revisit to undoubtedly one of favorites.
I pretty much feel Chinese in my blood by this point.

A modern, perfect little bakery on Bayard Street full of satisfying post-dim-sum pastries, Bubble Teas and incredible Breads. 
Simply Bakery, 70 Bayard Street, NYC - Simply the Best!
There's nothing that says Chinese self-indulgence more than this bake shop.

So many yummy little pieces of can one choose!

My savory little Coconut Bun bread.  Sweet'N'Salty all in one bite!

And can't forget the Bubble Tea to complete the day!
Definitely an acquired taste for some but one of my biggest obsessions.

Chilled Milky Black Bubble Tea with Tapioca bubbles
Hope you enjoyed as much as we did!  

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  1. Very impressive, very detailed view of Chinatown.